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Tax Problems/Issues



Tax Problems/Issues:
(Concerning Tax Issues)

We have been providing tax resolutions for businesses and consumers for thirty years. During this time we have time-tested programs that consist of Requested Abatements, Offer in Compromise, Short/Long term Compliance/Installment Agreements as well as Hardship models. These are in reference to Federal, State, and City tax issues.

There are right and wrong ways when one is faced with tax problems. Not knowing what and how to explore and which will benefit you the most can lead to deeper waters. The tax collector’s job is to collect as much as possible. However, agreeing to whatever is offered up is not always in your best tax health. If your tax issues are accepted, we will contact you and let you know what the next step will be. Forms we will request immediately that you will need to sign will include tax authorizations such as Form 8821 and Form 2848 as well as Form 433A or 433F or 433B Financial Statements.


The Department of the Treasury desires resolution. The only problem is finding the correct one. This we feel needs to be based on what you can actually pay. The taxing authorities have unlimited resources and if you become delinquent they will indeed use every power given to them in order to collect, attached wages, and place liens/assets as well as bank account levies.

There are about 14.5 million people receiving written communications from the I.R.S. every day across the country. Another 19.1 million currently owe a tax liability if not more. This is why we have continued to assist hundreds and bring them back into good graces and back on solid ground.