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Overview Of Professional Services




Overview Of Professional Services


Most businesses today find themselves in a situation of constantly waiting for additional income from accounts receivable and more sales. When there is a slowdown in cash flow, major expenses need to be paid. Things like payroll, taxes, creditors, vendors, suppliers and so on. They never ever say, don’t worry pay us when you can. No! They become very aggressive and start the hammering. While large consulting firms focused on sizable corporations, we specialize on small troubled businesses that need answers.

So if you currently have a debt issue, ( and cannot pay ), can put aside funds to settle, have and keep control and are willing to write a reasonable reference letter if you’re satisfied, and your case is accepted by Global, then we may be the best something that YOU have discovered  yet.


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Tax Issues


Our tax programs are all separate and we do charge for all tax representation. However, we have you to complete a financial statement, budget sheet, disclosure representative forms like form 8821 and form 2848 and we conduct an analysis. Then if we accept it, we contact you and share with  you what  you will need to do next as well as the total cost. This all depends on your current income and expenses and assets.


We also specialize in reducing tax liabilities by reaching an agreement in order to bring about compliance. Our Federal Tax Solutions involve models of Current Settlements. Tax Uncollectable, Fast Track Hardships, Offer in Compromise, Compliance Installment, Abatements and others. Our State Tax Solutions involve Abatement, Civil Penalty Reductions, Settlements, Offer in Compromise, Monthly Installments. City Tax Solutions involve Installment, Abatements, and COmpliance Settlements.



The Department of the Treasury desires resolution. The only problem is finding the right one. This needs to be based on your ability to actually pay. The Taxing Authorities have unlimited resources and if you become delinquent they will indeed use every power given to them in order to collect from you.

There are about 14.5 million people receiving written communications from the Division of the Internal Revenue Service every single day.

Yes, 19.1 million currently owes a tax liability This is the reason why YOU need to get back in good graces and put this matter behind you once and for all. All tax programs are based on hourly rates.