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Business Debt Issues

Most businesses today find themselves in a situation of constantly waiting for income from accounts receivable. When there is a slowdown in cash flow, a once viable business can find that it just cannot keep up with its expenses.

The reason a creditor wants to proceed in litigation is that they are wanting to be paid. However, once a Debt Messenger gets involved, the likelihood of reaching an agreement becomes promising and benefits our clients. 

We effectively explore industry options that positions our clients back on solid ground.

No Result – NoFee!

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Tax Issues

We specialize in reducing your tax liability and reaching a solid agreement on your behalf so you can move on with your life.

There are so many things about what one needs and how to explore it. Never ever believe that you will be given the best option. The tax collector’s job is to get as much from you as possible. However, agreeing to some plan offered up isn’t always in your best interest or tax health.

Plus, when presented with options many will view the short term and not the long term which usually ends in a  nightmare. Don’t allow it to happen. We have been resolving ungodly issues with the tax authorities since 1991. 

No cost for a free telephone consultation. If your case is a subject referral then we will tell you this upfront. If we are unable to take our case we will address this issue with you as well. So now just take that first step and let us help put these fears aside.


The Department of the Treasury desires resolution. The only problem is finding the right one. This needs to be based on your ability to actually pay. The Taxing Authorities have unlimited resources and if you become delinquent they will indeed use every power given to them in order to collect from you.

There are about 14.5 million people receiving written communications from the Division of the Internal Revenue Service every single day.

Yes, 19.1 million currently owes a tax liability This is the reason why YOU need to get back in good graces and put this matter behind you once and for all. All tax programs are based on hourly rates.