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We provide options for you so your future becomes healthier.



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Mario W. Watkins
(614) 270-1149
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770 Georgesville Rd. Unit 28875
Columbus, Ohio 43228

We specialize in business debt resolutions. It seems that whenever a creditor has trouble collecting their debts, they have others such as collection agencies and collection attorneys all too eager to help them out.

But the real question is this: Who do you have to represent you when faced with a troubling bill or cash flow difficulties? Our Debt Messengers not only brings you immediate relief but, it levels the playing field. Using our time-tested methods you can rest in knowing with our model we will not only face the challenge but we will work towards resolution through time-tested negotiated offers.

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This of course puts you back in the driver’s seat. As already featured and stated many times you will feel much better knowing that we are on your side. Global Services of Ohio, Inc. ensures both sides will feel comfortable with the right negotiated solution because it is much better than litigation. Although litigation may be necessary in some cases, we feel it should be avoided if possible.

Since 1991, our work is based on performance only. If an attorney is warranted, we will recommend it. We do not provide legal advice, make legal submissions, or discuss legal merits. 



We Provide Many Options for Your Business
So It Becomes Stronger & Healthier.


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Professional Relations:

Hilliard Chamber Of Commerce
Ohio Mediation Association
Hilltop Business Association

Professional Business Certifications:

I.A.P.A. Independent Arbitration

I.A.P.A. Debt Specialist

I.A.P.A. Business Debt Settlement

W.M.A. Debt Mastery

Ohio Supreme Court. Uniform Mediation

Ohio Supreme Court. Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation




Business Certifications

I.A.P.A. Independent Arbitration Certificate
I.A.P.A. Debt Specialist Certificate
I.A.B.C. Professional Business Certificate
W.M.A. Debt Mastery Certificate
Ohio Supreme Court Uniform Mediation Certificate
Ohio Supreme Court Foreclosure Mediation Certificate