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Mario W. Watkins

Mario W. Watkins


We currently have six outside field representatives and they were professionally trained by Mr. Watkins. Mr. Watkins begins utilizing his learned debt models after being an entrepreneurial practically all his life.

He comes from a family of entrepreneurialism dating back with his father, grandfather. Coming from Tennessee, working at a young age and being around livestock, hay farms, lumber mills, sort of gives you insight and if nothing else, teaches one how to budget and manage.






The company, Global Services of Ohio, Inc. has been on record since 1991. The company incorporated in 2000. We are professional  Debt Messengers. We only get paid on performance. In other words, NO ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION – NO FEES PAID!

About Us

After realizing most small businesses and large commercial businesses throughout the United States  have depended on lawyers. However, not everyone can afford ongoing litigation fees and subject costs. YOU now have total access to an experienced Debt Messenger who can bring about resolution to your financial debt issues with less stress, less expenses, and most importantly, no money upfront. I think we can all agree on this value.

Since 1991, we develop and put in place our presentation which is time-tested, make the approach and explore then submit and offered resolution that produces resolve. YOU  hold onto your own funds, then once an agreement is reached, you approve it, you email or fax it back to our office, then the memorialized Agreement is emailed, faxed, delivered or FedX to you. Remember, if you do not agree you sign nothing and pay us nothing. When faced with these four options, business owners know all four very well.

  1. Engage an attorney and pay, pay, pay and pray it stops.
  2. File bankruptcy and get caught up in litigation which usually reveals it all.
  3. Hope the next winning ticket has your name on it.
  4. Find a friend who can lend or have a surprise inheritance comes your way.

Or, just contact us and let’s review the challenge. If your case is accepted, you pay nothing upfront until we produce. All settlement agreements reached, YOU must approve first. YOU are in total control. Our methods and models have been used around the globe and are stronger now due to the digital super information netways. We make a good business greater, a marginal business good, and a failing business a survivor regardless of your current economic status.