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About Us

Who Are We?
(Concerning our Small Business Debt Messenger Model)

M.W. Watkins put it into play starting in 1991. We are Professional Business Debt Messengers. We only get paid on performance models. Other words: NO ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION – NO FEES PAID. We realize that for years commercial creditors throughout the United States have depended and hammered out their disputes through lawyers, collection agencies, and the court system to fight their battles. You now can have access to an experienced Professional Debt Messenger who can resolve your company’s financial issues with creative solutions. By using our services, you can likely prevent large legal expenses, interest penalties, and most importantly, loss of marketing and production time which we all know is invaluable.

Yes, since 1991, we have developed an effective and a time-tested approach for resolving problem debts. We work towards building a presentation that brings about a resolution that translates into resolve. This basically positions our clients towards a favorable settlement for all concerned parties. Our thirty years of experience and expertise enables us to review, suggest, create and recommend propose offers based on your current financial situation and not what others feel you can and cannot do. When faced with ugly business debts, we find the business owners usually understand the four well-known options.

1) Engage an attorney and pay pay pay rather you get what you want you still pay.
2) File bankruptcy and get caught up in a system that reveals it all.
3) Hope you get the winning ticket.
4) Find a friend who can lend you the needed funds.


Or just contact us and let’s review the challenge. If we then accept your problem debt issue, you pay us nothing until we produce. Any settlement agreement we reach must be approved by you at that time. You are in control. Our professional services can make a good business greater, a marginal business good, and a failing business a true survivor regardless of your current economic status.